Rescued voluntourist Silvia Romano: The voluntourism trap behind the kidnapping

Silvia Romano (25), who was kidnapped while being on a voluntourism holiday in Kenya, was freed on Saturday 9th May 2020, in Somalia. Although this is considered excellent news, we would like to use this opportunity to draw attention to the (Western) media coverage of the incident, which has been a typical example of perpetuating the stereotype of the Western saviour, of the “Africans” that need to be saved and […]

Review Ubelong and general safety advice for volunteers

To understand the impact companies have on the quality of programs, it is important to understand how volunteer companies operate. Here are some information on how Ubelong sets up their programs: Ubelong teams up with local organizations, that carry out the services and work on the ground. This are independent institutions. Ubelong works with exclusive partnerships but also local partners that take on other international companies. In Vietnam they cooperate […]