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Projects Abroad long way to stop orphanage Tourism & the media’s role

Projects Abroad was one of the first market leaders to cut ties to most residential care placements. They followed smaller agencies such as Intrepid Travel and World Challenge, creating a trend that not even the market leader IVHQ was able to ignore. International Volunteer HQ, too, announced to stop placing volunteers in residential care institutions by March 2019. Until now, this effort has not yet been fully implemented. But how […]

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Projects Abroad review

Projects Abroad review of the long and rocky path to the end of orphanage trips

Projects Abroad review – Projects Abroad and World Challenge are the first companies to stop orphanage trips!   Yesterday was a big step forward for the efforts for more ethical and sustainable operations within the voluntourism industry. ABC Australia and the Guardian reported, that the volunteer travel agency Projects Abroad announced to no longer send their clients to volunteer in orphanages by the end of 2017. For the implementation they […]

Projects Abroad looked into sueing the UK government for supporting the less privileged to volunteer abroad

In 2012 the UK government planned to expand its International Citizen Service. But the idea was not received well by the management of the UK based volunteer travel company Projects Abroad as they viewed the government as a competitor, not a solution provider and thus considered to take legal action against the government. Voluntourism companies to expansive for low income mileus Over the past 25 years, Projects Abroad has grown […]