IVHQ Zimbabwe and Nakavango – an example on how to find an ethical wildlife volunteer project in Africa

We have received recently a very interesting question in our Facebook group critical volunteering reviews and in our Question and Answer section. The question about IVHQ Zimbabwe received very interesting comments and answers. That’s why we decided to write an article about it. How to search for a wildlife project in Africa It is important to know that most international volunteer travel companies outsource responsibilities (read here why) to local organizations, most int. […]

Paved with Good Intentions? The Orphanage Tourism Business and New Zealand’s Role

The United Nations declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. As we set sail into 2017, it is imperative to be reminded of the human rights implications of tourism. Facebook recently notified me that three years ago, I was volunteering in Cambodia. A photo of a group of us after a rice distribution served to remind me of my naiivity and the pressing need to educate […]

IVHQ Founder: Daniel Jon Radcliffe – the pioneer of low cost voluntourism & a successful entrepreneur

IVHQ Founder: Daniel Jon Radcliffe – the maker of International Volunteer HQ The IVHQ Founder Daniel Jon Radcliffe is a New Zealand entrepreneur from Taranaki. In 2014, Radcliffe was internationally recognized and awarded for his success as an entrepreneur .[3] [4] He volunteered in 2006 on a teaching program in rural Kenya, which he found too expensive. When he returned home he founded International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ), a volunteer travel […]

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Local implementation of int. volunteer travel programs – outsourcing to grass-root organizations

The standard business model in the voluntourism industry is an outsourcing model where international sending organizations or travel agencies pass the responsibility on to local partners, in many cases small grassroots NGOs. If you ever wondered how these cooperations are designed and which consequences local NGOs have to face – here are the answers – which may suprise you.

IVHQ Reviews: The voluntourism Industry & Its Connections To Review Websites

Voluntourism and review websites highlights: ivhq reviews and abroadreview.com Voluntourism Review platforms such as www.goabroad.com, www.gooverseas.com, TravellersQuest.com as well as www.abroadreviews.com and voluntourism companies are closely connected as they benefit from each other. TravellersQuest is owned by an entapreneur, who also owns several volunteer travel companies. For years there have been rumors that International Volunteer HQ is connected to one review website,  www.abroadreview.com. Finally, we were able to carve out some strong indicators such as same names and […]