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Jim Tarwater asked 2 years ago

Good morning,
A program called Wellspring Egypt has been presented to my daughter (20 years old from the US) as a good option for volunteering abroad and working with children.  Do you have any knowledge or exposure to this organization?
She’s also applied for childcare in Ghana through NVHQ, but I’m educating myself on the for profit volunteer industry.
I appreciate any information/guidance you might have.

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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Jim,
Thanks for reaching out! I am sorry to say that it is our policy that we do not comment on individual offers or companies. However, what I can tell you is that this particular organisation did not yet show up on our screen so far. If you want to make a quick assessment, try to you our questionaire tool or make a post into our facebook group to contact the community.
On first sight it does not seem to be an organisation that works with less-fortunate families so I wonder a little why they are sourcing for (unpaid) volunteers.

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