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Claudia Azuela asked 4 years ago


I hope you are well. I’m looking into volunteering in Nepal teaching English and was very excited until I stumbled upon this website. I’m wondering if the same concerns that apply to orphanage voluntourism apply to teaching as well.

I also want to ask if there is a way to volunteer “cheaply”, I know there’s no such a thing as free volunteering (unless it’s at home) but if there is a way to do it without spending a year’s wages on it I’d very much like to know. Looking for such an opportunity I stumbled upon IVHQ which got me excited but, looking at the website now I’m not so sure about it so I’d like to know if you have information about IVHQ in the Nepalese teaching programs. I’m a keen volunteer and I love teaching so I’d hate to be placed somewhere where I won’t be doing much good or would end up being a burden. If you have any info I would really appreciate it since I haven’t found much information about other ways of volunteering in Nepal that look both reputable and aren’t too expensive.

Thanks so much!

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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi CHi Claudia, thank you for your message and please excuse the delayed answer.
If your question is regarding teaching in an orphanage: yes – same problems apply. The root problem is not the presence of volunteers, but the shere existance of orphanges. Of course there are also situations where oprhanages are inevitable, but we believe that the whole approach to residential care is a very dangerous path.

If you want to reduce your costs, I would say best way is to contact small NGOs or other instituions directly, without using a provider such as IVHQ. I believe most of them will not charge any fees, but of course it is a hell lot of work to find good placements. There is also a facebook group called “Volunteering Overseas for Free” but I cannot guarantee any reliablity here.


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