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Lee Ann asked 3 years ago

Hi, Is there a responsible turtle conservation project in Bali that would allow me to bring my 12-year-old daughter along with us, that you are aware of? The only ones that I can really see are Frontier and International VolunteerHQ, which don’t seem to be responsible volunteering.

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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Lee Ann, 
Thanks for your question! As a general approach to that topic, maybe you have already seen our post on responsible volunteering with turtles.  I think it clearly states the benefits as well as the risks of volunteering with turtles.
However, unfortunately, we are not in the position to recommend one specific project, neither in Bali or anywhere else in the world. But I would recommend you to join our facebook group and put up your question there, I am sure that everyone there will help you find such kind of project – if it exists. Our impression is that there are only a few reputable programs at all and frankly speaking I doubt that they would allow children to join their activities. But good luck to you!

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