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Andrea Ferrazzo asked 5 years ago

Hello, how are you?
Thank you for all the information that you are providing in your website. It’s helpful and now I’m aware of what’s happening in Cambodia. I was really close to take part in a volunteer program with IVHQ but after reading your news I’m grateful but at the same time disappointed. I really would like to help giving a positive impact and I would do this in Cambodia. I’m 20 years old, I’ve finished high school last year and since I’ve began my gap year I’ve wished to partecipate in a volunteer program. I’m speaking Italian, French, German and English. I have worked as a waiter, as a street cleaner, delivery driver, as a manager in a B&B and I’ve worker also in the logistic sector. I’m not pretentious, I adapt to any situation and I love working with other people that have the same purpose.
It would be my first trip in Asia and I want to be sure that I’m going to help in the right way: could you suggest me good and reliable volunteer programs/NGOs?

I’m always available if you have questions or want more information about myself.

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Sebastian Drobner Staff answered 5 years ago

How to volunteer in Cambodia

Hello Andrea,

we are glad that you like our website Responsible Volunteering and that we were able to guide you.

You definitely have some experience and a lot of passion that will be very helpful to find a great internship and volunteer opportunity. Why do I say internship? Because for me every volunteering experience has been mainly a learning experience. In addition you have only a little work experience, most people you will work with while volunteering will have years of experience in your assigned field.

Quality Standards of international Volunteering

We do not recommend volunteer companies, but drafted general quality standards for international volunteer programs which might help you to identify the good once. We are here to help you to find the right one yourself. Check out the quality standards the non-profit organization Weltwegweiser drafted recently. They also have partners that signed the quality standards.

Volunteering in the hospitality sector

For me, it was always important to volunteer in an area, in which I was really able to transfer at least some skills to my host organization. Therefore I volunteered in areas in which I did not only had some experience but also greater knowledge (good grades, work experience). Find out for yourself, which field that might be in your case.

When I read about your experience, I thought the hospitality sector might be the right area to volunteer in for you? Of course there are other areas that will fit, this is just an example.

When it comes to the hospitality sector, you could apply directly to Cambodian organizations. This would save you money and maybe even frustration. I personally have always preferred to get directly in touch with placements when I planned to volunteer overseas. I did so for many different reasons. The main reason is, that it is by far easier to meet each others expectations when only two parties are involved in the whole process.

I have listed here some organizations, that work in this sector and I was in touch with when I worked in Cambodia. In such projects it might be the best to volunteer at least three months, but not only because most of this organizations only accept long term volunteers. It also takes a lot of time to understand the culture, the project and to get settled.

– The organization BSDA, here is their website
– The organization Friends International, here is their website
– The organization Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, here is their website
– The organization Romdeng, here is their website
– The organization Hagar, here is their website

Organizing a volunteer stay without a company

Also check out websites such as . Through such websites it is possible to get directly in touch with local projects. There are many similar websites that offer such opportunities, just be careful with some of them ( for example). It is all about research!

Helpful resources about volunteering in Cambodia 

Here are some organizations that are helpful when it comes to organizing a volunteer stay in Cambodia. Especially in terms on how to get started.

For further discussion on this subject you are welcome to join the Facebook Group Critical Volunteering Reviews.

Good luck and let us know if you have more questions and where you will end up volunteering overseas. I hope I was able to help you with my personal experience.


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