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JEP56 asked 4 years ago

HELP! I’m a 2nd year medical student trying to find a volunteer Programme for summer 2019. Can anyone recommend a reputable organisation? The more I look and research the more uncertain I am about the organisation offering volunteer programmes. I thought I was ok with IVHQ until I started to dig a bit deeper and realized that they’re probably just a glorified travel agent. Perhaps I’m wrong. Can anyone help?

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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi JEP56,
Thanks for bringing up this question. I think especially in the medical field it is very important to make a good research. Many people are interested to volunteer in this field because they expect to be allowed procedures and actions they would not be allowed at home – we have even heard stories of 16 year old volunteers delivering babies –
If you are promised things like this, please be careful – it is a good indicator that this would probably not be a reputable organisation.
For more information and ideas, please join our facebook community where I am sure that there will be some other former volunteers that can share their ideas and experiences with you.

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