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Lucía Cavero Carmona asked 5 years ago

Hi! I\’m a medical student in second grade and I want to do a medical volunteering this summer. I\’ve been searching in big companies such as Volunteering solutions or Love Volunteering and the first impression is wonderful and very attractive, but outside te main page, the opinions and reviews are not that nice. Some suggestion about what to do with this companies? Or someone who has done a medical volunteering and has some advices or place to apply for? Thank you for your help!

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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Lucía,
Thank you for your question! It is always good to make some research before volunteering, especially if you are aiming for a very specific field. It is good to be careful. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any direct recommendation on volunteering organizations, but if you follow our quality standards, it might give you a lead where to look at.
In your case, I would try to avoid the big companies who strive to offer any kind of possible placements to anyone interested. There are many records of young and unqualified volunteers who were involved e.g. in surgeries or delivering babies. This is – of course – no task for a volunteer.
If you have some first experience in the medical field, I’d rather suggest to look for an internship with a specialized organisation such as Doctors without Borders, Flying Doctors, Swimming Doctors etc. There are plenty of small organisations that provide first hand care but with professional expertise.
Looking for a placement, you should always keep in mind your responsibility towards the clients / beneficiaries and make sure that you do not end up in a situation you are not qualified for. This can be guaranteed best if you team up with professional organisations.

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