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Michael asked 3 years ago

I’m a doctor who has been trying to find a hospital or clinic in Quito in which to volunteer.  All the listings include homestay packages which I don’t need since I now live here.  Surely there must be an organization that just could use some extra help and is not trying to sell a homestay or lesson package.  Do you know of any?

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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Michael, 
Sorry for the delayed answer. Unfortunately, we don’t have any local expertise in Quito, but I am sure it should be possible just to go directly to the clinics or hospitals than doing web research. If you are there already, I don’t see any added value in going through an agency. 
However, finding volunteer placements in the medical sector is quite tough – usually, high language skills are required (or you need a fulltime translator) and in many countries, it is also not easy to get the right permissions to work with patients. A common workaround would be that you start to give training to doctors and paramedics. This way, it would also be way more sustainable than working with patients directly.
Hope this was helpful,

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