How to find legitimate wildlife conservation volunteer opportunities?

Open questionsCategory: Information requestHow to find legitimate wildlife conservation volunteer opportunities?
Mirain asked 4 years ago

In the last year I have decided that I want to dedicate my life to wildlife conservation, however since I have no relevant qualifications it seems the best way to get my foot in the door is to build up experience through volunteering. I’m not looking for a gap year-style experience to tick off a list, I want it to be the beginning of my journey to working to save animals and the environment.

I am struggling to find an organisation that is legitimate (in that they care for the cause, and not profit!) as well as affordable. This website has been very helpful in pointing out the flaws (I was very close to volunteering with IVHQ until I learned about their capitalist ways) but I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of good, trustworthy wildlife conservation organisations?

Thanks ūüôā

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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Mirain,
Thanks for reaching out to us! Yes, we know the problem. It is often possible to identify a not-so-good volunteering opportunity, but how can you vet the good ones? At this point, we also reach our limits because we believe that without regular visits, monitoring and evaluations it will be impossible to give reliable information and suggestions.
One good idea is usually to cut out the service providers and contact local organization, get in touch with them, discuss and question them as much as possible. If they are still willing to get in touch with you, its often a good sign.
Another idea would be to reach out to other former volunteers who have made their share of experiences. One place to to that would be our Facebook Group Critical Volunteering Reviews (IVHQ, Projects Abroad, Frontier and others). Even better might be the page of Volunteers in Africa beware ( because they are much more focused on wildlife.
Hope this was helpful!

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