kignonh SORO asked 4 years ago

Hi! I would like to volunteer abroad by July 2018. At first I was considering IVHQ, I even applied for it but then I discovered your facebook group and all the other bad reviews about this organisation around the internet. I recently came across Global Nomadic and I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it or refer me to resources to learn more about the organisation. I researched it on the facebook group and Found nothing. Although the ratings seem pretty good on the internet I would like to be sure.

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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 4 years ago

very sorry for our late answer, it just slipped through. But I asked around and could not find anyone with recent relevant experience.
I feel that the information given on sustainability and responsability are very limited and are obviously not a focus in their communication.
To me, that is a warning sign.
Did you try to use our checklist on them?

Check your choice

Anyhow, if you decide to go, we would appreciate sharing your experience very much!

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