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Tuyet asked 4 years ago


I am trying to plan some time volunteering abroad and am concerned about doing some real good and not more damages on the long term.

I have found some projects on Workwaway that seem interesting : one is helping cooking and distributing food for refugee camp (description says it is a NGO), it is very basic tasks (chopping vegetables etc). The fee asked seems quite reasonable (5€/day for meals and accomodation) to me. A lot of good comments from people makes me feel like it is a reliable project.

The second projet is about rebuilding after disaster (example : Earthquake in Nepal); second phase after the first urgencies were taken care by professionals (saving lives, providing first necessities..). No fee asked for accomodation or meals. Good comments; work for a local NGO. They try to build schools or other community buildings in villages.

My question is, do you think these are good volunteering ? I mean, I think the organizations are reliable based on the info provided (more info on the descriptions) and good comments from workwawayers, particpation fee (or absence of); but on the long term do you thing all the volunteers are helping local population ?

Thank you in advance.

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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Tuyet,

thanks for your question, it look as if you have already put a lot of research in this one. Without providing more details on the location and the situation on the ground, it is of course hard to give an answer. But both seem to be good offers on first sight: do you mind sharing the name of the NGO so we can take a better look and maybe recommend them?

From my experience, in most cases of emergencies money is not exactly what is missing, so be aware that you might be taking a local job from someone. But there are many emergencies that do not get much international attention in the media, e.g. the current floods in South east Asia or the earthquakes in Lombok.

But from what you say… give it a try and give us a feedback



Tuyet answered 4 years ago

Thank you for you answer ! I do not have the name of the NGOs yet as I have to create first an account on workaway. However here are the links for the projects : –> refugee camp –> rebuilding

I will get in touch with them to ask question and get more information. I can give a feedback then (after the answers and/or after trying to participate in one of the project).

Thank you again for your answer !

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