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Jagadeesh.S asked 5 years ago

Hello, I am jagadeesh from India doing my masters in social work. At the end of my degree I need to do my block placement(internship) in some organization/company/insritution which related with my study for one month. So I am thinking to do my internship in Germany or atleast in Europe somewhere. So i want, you to help me to get some good internship opportunities available in Germany or in Europe.
Thank you


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Daniel Großbröhmer Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Jagadeesh, 
Thank you for your question. Since we are from Germany, we can give you plenty of information on internship possibilities in Germany, but we can’t tell too much about the other countries. I believe that you will need to organize everything by your own as – to my knowledge – there are no agencies that will be able to help you. 
I believe finding an institution for an one-month internship should not be a big problem in general. But here are some things to be considered:

  • Although most Germans have at least a basic knowledge of English you will hardly find any workplace not working in German. You might consider this especially regarding your learning outcomes. Many institutions probably wont dare to offer an internship to someone who does not speak German, especially if you are planning to work with the target groups.
  • Short-term internships in Germany generally are not paid. Also, you should not expect too much help in finding a place to stay. Of course, many people will be willing to help you, but you can’t take it for granted. 
  • One month is a very short term for an internship. If you can make it possible in any way, you should try to stay at least 6 month to get a better idea on whats going on and why.
  • Visa is going to be a big issue. Especially die German embassy in India is very conservative when granting visas. Probably you will need someone in Germany who is willing to take full responsibility for your actions also regarding financial issues.

A good address to start looking for an Institution might be this facebook group:  by former German volunteers, many of them are working or studying social work or related. If you have some more detailed questions, please feel free to ask!

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