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Meet our Team:

Sebastian Drobner



Sebastian has a full formation in hotel and tourism business and eight years of experience in international development cooperation, lived in five countries and on three continents. He started to get into the world of development cooperation in 2008 when he volunteered for one year in Cambodia for a local Voluntourism project. He then received a contract as an advisor through Bread for the World in Germany and supported the development of the program Volunteer Action for Cambodia by Star Kampuchea until 2012. During this time, he worked alongside more than 15 international volunteer agencies such as International Volunteer HQ, EXIS, IFRE, Global Crossroad, Rustic Volunteers, New Hope Volunteers, RCDP Nepal, Love Volunteers, Volunteering Solutions, Ubelong, Edge of Seven, Children’s Global Alliance and many more smaller once. At the same time, he was responsible for the development of the governmental founded volunteer program “weltwärts” of Bread for the World in Cambodia and it’s mentoring. Besides this, he supported Mission EineWelt, Banyan Tree e.V. and Red Cross Germany with their accompanying measures (seminars, workshops, etc).
From 2012 to 2013 he changed into the head office of Bread for the world where he was responsible for the administration of their volunteer program. Today he is studying International Social Work and Development and works part-time in development projects. Part of this course was an internship in the Solomon Islands where he taught tourism, communication skills, human rights and developed a volunteer program for Don Bosco Technical Institute Solomon Islands.

Daniel Großbröhmer



Daniel is working as a consultant to local civil society organizations and international NGOs in Myanmar.

He is supporting them in their organizational development processes, emphasizing topics like planning, monitoring, evaluation of development results and long-term impact orientation. Until 2017, Daniel was working at one of Europe’s biggest private funded NGOs, being responsible for the impact measurement, quality management and improvement of international volunteer services and consulting affiliated organizations, governmental agencies as well as other NGO.

Before, Daniel worked for various NGOs in Germany and as a student assistant at the Justus-Liebig University in Gießen, Germany. In 2006 Daniel spends one year as a volunteer in Brasil and returned afterward accompanying travel groups. Still today, Daniel is affiliated with the organization that he volunteered with. He studied French, Portuguese and Economics in Germany and France. In 2015, Daniel completed his MBA Program in Berlin and Cambridge.

Friederike Hertwig

Friederike gained her work experience and background in hotel and tourism management during her studies in Lausanne (Switzerland) and Wernigerode (Germany). During her studies, she went to Tajikistan as an intern to work in an economic development project with one of the largest NGOs in Europe, the Welthungerhilfe. Shortly after completing her bachelor’s degree, Friederike published her bachelor thesis “The importance of child protection in Volunteer Tourism”, which she wrote in cooperation with Tourism Watch, a department within Bread for the World. During her master’s studies in International Development at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK), she worked as a researcher in conjunction with Tourism Watch and other organizations such as ECPAT to publish the policy paper “From Volunteering to Voluntourism”. During that time, she was able to represent her research at the first International Volunteering Conference in London, hosted by Tourism Concern. Already having worked in New York City back in 2013, life took her back to the United States after her studies. Having lived abroad nearly half of her life, she is now working and living in Miami. Friederike gives guest talks once every term at Florida International University (Miami, USA) in relation to volunteering and child protection with a special focus on commercial volunteer providers. Aside from work, she is an active triathlete and fencer and also plays the violin in a Miami community orchestra.

Alexandra Fahl



Alex found her profession of tourism through her passion for traveling. She started to become a traveler after traveling around Australia and New Zealand after high school in 2010 and since then the road is calling her. Getting to know all kind of different cultures, people and places, she realized it is essential to take care of this precious planet earth and its inhabitants. During her bachelor’s degree in “International Tourism Management and Consultancy” she went abroad for a field trip to Singapore and Bali, did her exchange semester in Izmir and her internship in Blantyre, Malawi at a small, local safari company. Afterwards, she traveled around Malawi, Zambia, through Botswana down to Cape Town. She gained her first hands-on experiences within the world of voluntourism through an internship at a sending organization after finishing her bachelor’s degree. During this time, she also realized the negative impacts this business can have. About a year later and after traveling around Bolivia, Peru and the Galapagos Islands, she started her master’s degree of “Responsible Tourism Management” in Leeds Beckett University where she completed the course with her final dissertation with the research question “Does responsible volunteering in Cambodian orphanages exist?”. Afterward, she decided to stay and work in the UK for another year in which she traveled with her university to The Gambia in which one of her professors is setting up a responsible tourism trail. Now, after 7 years she is back in her motherland Germany, living and working in the camping industry in Berlin and excited to see what this part of life will offer her and would love to share her experiences and knowledge with others.

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