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Critical volunteering reviews Facebook group:

fb_icon_325x325This group was started by Sebastian in 2012, as there was no platform where volunteers could post negative reviews or share and discuss critical perspectives with each other without the posts being deleted. He was so frustrated seeing hundreds of comments being deleted and disappearing from forums and companies Facebook groups .

Once the group got alive, it grew quickly and Sebastian decided to ask the group members to vote for the name of this group. 

Now the group has become part of Responsible Volunteering but the goal stayed the same. The group is a platform to exchange ideas and experiences about the negative impact voluntourism can have and to collect critical reviews which cannot be influence or deleted. Experts from various fields, former volunteers and company owners are part of the group, which makes it one of the biggest platforms on Facebook to discuss the subject voluntourism. Join here


Responsible Volunteering Facebook page

fb_icon_325x325This page exists to get the word out. We post here our newest work and articles, general news about voluntourism as well as the most interesting materials we find about voluntourism. We post in average only once or twice a week to keep you updated and do not want to overload you with updates. Please subscribe and click see first to stay in touch and share your view about the articles we post.  The Facebook page is the biggest of it`s kind and can be found via google on the first result page when looking for Responsible Volunteering. Help us to grow and to get the word out by liking and interacting with our page.


Good Volunteer Twitter Page

twitter-logo-vector-download This page exists to stay in touch with fellow activists, volunteers and experts. We post more news then on our Facebook page and hope to get the word out to as many people as possible! We post here most articles we find interesting bur also the once we have not commented ourselves. We discuss topics and hope to interact with the people who join our cause and read our website as well as the people and projects we write about. Follow us here.


Responsible Volunteering on YouTube

YouTube-logo-full_colorFor now we collect here playlists about Responsible Volunteering, orphanage tourism and intercultural education. We have watched hundred videos and collected the best once for you here.

Follow us on You Tube to get updates about our playlists. Also once we have settled we plan to produce our own videos, stay tuned! You can visit our website for more videos from varies platforms such as Vimeo or Facebook.


Responsible Volunteering on Google+

google-plus-red-logoWe are using Google+ almost the same way as we use our Facebook Page. Follow us here to get updated about our work and general news about voluntourism.