The Voluntourist Documentary

A unique documentary outlining the challanges¬†of a normal volunteer “The Voluntourist” is a 30 min documentary questioning the impact of international volunteering on local communities. The¬†film does not aim to list all the possible negative impacts of poorly¬†arranged international volunteering programs, but instead raises certain overarching questions through a series of interviews.   From a past voluntourist for futur volunteers This movie is for everyone who is planning to volunteer […]


Head First Documentary: The Orphanage Business in Cambodia

An exciting documentary about the problem of orphanage¬†voluntourism An Australian TV team went undercover with a hidden camera and took on the problem of the orphanage business industry and orphanage voluntourism. The one hour long documentary¬†explains superficialy how western money and western volunteers fed and drove the growth of orphanages for a decade. On top of that it outlines the problem of sex trafficking and child trafficking in orphanages.   […]

Orphanage voluntourism: #StopOrphanTrips campaign

Orphanage voluntourism harms vulnerable¬†children. This great video explains¬†why and what to do about it.¬†The video¬†is part of the global #StopOrphanTrips campaign. Sixty years of research prove that orphanages are no solution… Sixty years of research has proven that institutionalized¬†care is the worst solution for children. The kids are being exposed to many risks. The result of institutionalized care and voluntourism in orphanages are brain development problems, alarming¬†social behavior and reintegration […]

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Global service Partnerships vs Voluntourism: Research insights

Global service partnerships are a great learning and development cooperation tool. This video explains the reasons and why global service partnerships might be the best option to help abroad. Voluntourism and service trips under fire… Orphanage Volunteering and voluntourism have been under fire for some time for many reasons. ¬†This video contains information on why and how voluntourism and donations support the growth of the so called ‚Äěorphan industry‚Äú . […]

Al Jazeera Series about the Voluntourism industry

A must watch for every past and future¬†volunteer The focus of the series lies on the orphanage tourism and voluntourism industry which is connected to int. volunteer¬†companies and the global north. It will help every futur volunteer to understand the challanges behind the voluntourism industry and volunteering in orphanages.¬†Al Jazeera spend a lot of time and money in researching the subject and developed an outstanding series of documentaries. An absolutely […]

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Don’t Create an orphanage Рthe video tells you why

A short animation that outlines the¬†impact of volunteering in an orphanage This is a great, short and simple animation¬†that explains why it might be wrong to volunteer in or donate to orphanages¬†and to work with orphans. It outlines the negative impact of institutionalized care and outlines the¬†impact of volunteering in an orphanage. In many volunteer placements well intention voluntourists are actively encouraged to donate money and presents. Through these donations […]