Brad Nahill

About Brad Nahill

Brad Nahill has worked in sea turtle conservation, ecotourism, and environmental education for 20 years with organizations including Ocean Conservancy, Rare, Asociacion ANAI (Costa Rica), and the Academy of Natural Sciences (Philadelphia). He has also consulted for several ecotourism companies and non-profits, including EcoTeach and Costa Rican Adventures. Brad is a co-author of the Worldwide Travel Guide to Sea Turtles, former chair of the Awards Committee of the International Sea Turtle Society, has authored several book chapters, blogs, and abstracts on turtle conservation and ecotourism, and has presented at major travel conferences and sea turtle symposia. Brad has a BS in Environmental Economics from Pennsylvania State University and taught a class on ecotourism at Mount Hood Community College. He has been director of SEE Turtles since its founding and recently became President after the organization became an independent non-profit organization.

How To Be A Responsible Turtle Volunteer

Working with sea turtle is one of the most popular ways to volunteer, and for good reason. First and most importantly, they need the help. There are thousands of beaches and ocean habitats around the world where these animals nest, migrate through, or live and researchers and conservationists need a lot of support to cover this ground (or water). Second, you don’t have to be a biologist or turtle expert […]