Responsible Volunteering is an independent, privately owned website not affiliated with any provider of volunteer programs.

Our Mission

  1. Provide a platform that helps potential volunteers to make good choices
  2. Gather a range of information that helps operators and volunteers
  3. Connect people interested in the field of voluntourism
  4. Bring more transparency to the world of international volunteering
  5. Promote and share information in order to enhance a common understanding of the idea and impact of voluntourism.

Our Motivation

We believe that responsible volunteer programs are a great option to those who are willing to spend their time and money to get in touch with different countries, cultures and living conditions. But we know it is a tough challenge to create a program that is really making a change. Therefore we want to inform, support and encourage those who try.

Meet The Team

Sebastian Drobner

Founder and Lead Advisor

Daniel Großbröhmer

Founder and Operations Manager

Friederike Hertwig

Research and Development

Alexandra Fahl

Research and Marketing

Media Presence

To achieve our mission, we provide research and background information to journalists and media outlets worldwide and were featured in a series of newspaper articles, TV and radio shows in Germany, so we have listed some of the results below. Please follow the links to take a look.

If you are a journalist yourself, please feel free to contact us and we are happy to support you in your research.

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