Arpilleras as a reflection method

Women in One World from Fürth/Germany has celebrated its 30th anniversary and organized their seventh International talks with the subject “One World: Resisting Art for Peace and Development”.

Roberta Bacic was invited and organized a workshop at the end of the conference. She took also part in talks, discussions and answered interview questions from students of the University of Applied Science Coburg.

The Arpillera doll workshop – reflecting on the conference

The participants were introduced to the process of making Arpillera dolls on the last conference day. Each participant was given one archival photo of the work of Women in One World. All of them were connected to women rights and art as well as women rights issues that were discussed during the conference.  The task was to create a small doll that linked thematically to the photos to reflect on the conference and social issues that were discussed during the three days. To relate to the doll and picture personally, the participants were asked to imagine that the doll is a person or relative of their choice. Later they were asked to introduce the situation in the picture with the doll and why they have chosen the doll to be themselves, a relative etc. to the group. The reflection/message was written on the back of each photo.

Effectieve reflection method

Using Arpilleras to reflect on a workshop and social issues has proven to be very effective. The hands-on activity which was embedded in the reflection of sensitive political and personal experiences lead to many results and a very engaged group. While creating Arpillera dolls the participants were able to deeply reflect on their personal conference experience and share their experience and thoughts with others. It enabled the participants to connect with and reflect on the core issues emerging from the photos and key issues which were discussed during the three-day conference.

Outcome – pictures