Survey for returned long term volunteers! Be part of a book about volunteering overseas

Returned Volunteer Survey for

You have volunteered overseas for more than 3 months? Perfect, your experience is needed.

Our friends from are about to launch a book and you can be part of it! Just fill out this short survey, it takes only a minute. Claire, Daniela, Joe, and Zahara at are keen to learn from your insights, the book can only be realized with your participation. The survey will help them to write a book and to create learning materials for future volunteers.

Here you can find more information about the book.

You really like this project and want to do more?

If you know any company or organization that is interested in the subject volunteering overseas and is keen to support the book and its message by

  • promoting it,
  • writing about it
  • or sharing the information via social media channels

please fill out this form or forward it to anyone you know.

Thank you for taking the time to add your voice to the conversation about international volunteering. Thanks for supporting our friends at


Who is behind

PEPY Tours is an educational travel company and has a sister organization that works on youth leadership and education in Cambodia. The non profit organization Pepy has launched the campaign to advocate for a learning-first approach and sustainable volunteering overseas. PEPY is one of our favorite resources,  if future volunteers want to know what volunteering overseas is all about. is the place to get started. It is a great website full of resources!


You cant get enough and love this subject?

Then you have to join the discussion about the pro and cons of volunteering overseas in our Facebook Group, which is full of industry professionals as well as future and past volunteers!

About Sebastian Drobner

Sebastian has eight years of experience in international development cooperation, lived in five countries and on three continents. He started to get into the world of development in 2008 when he volunteered for one year in Cambodia for a local Voluntourism project. He then received a contract as an advisor through Bread for the World in Germany and supported the development of the program Volunteer Action for Cambodia by Star Kampuchea until 2012. At the same time he was responsible for the development of the government founded volunteer program Weltwärts of Bread for the World in Cambodia and it`s mentoring. From 2012 to 2013 he changed into the head office of Bread for the world where he was responsible for the administration of their volunteer program as a program assistant. Now he is studying International Social Work and Development and works part time in development projects. Part of this course was an internship in the Solomon Islands where he worked in a tourism course and developed a volunteer program for Don Bosco Technical Institute Solomon Islands. The knowledge he gained when he finished a three-year training in Hotel and tourism helped during this experience.