Global service Partnerships vs Voluntourism: Research insights

Global service partnerships are a great learning and development cooperation tool. This video explains the reasons and why global service partnerships might be the best option to help abroad.

Voluntourism and service trips under fire…

Orphanage Volunteering and voluntourism have been under fire for some time for many reasons.  This video contains information on why and how voluntourism and donations support the growth of the so called „orphan industry“ .

The demand for short term placements in orphanages and health care facilities is growing. Whereas it is great that there is increasing interest in voluntourism, it is not great that the projects volunteers are placed in have a negative impact on the communities. The result of the growth is unintentional caused harm by pre-professional health care volunteers and orphanage volunteering. That’s why it is important to think twice about the impact if you are considering to volunteer overseas in an orphanage or as a pre-professional health care volunteer.

Global service partnerships, a great option…

Thus it might be better to volunteer in another project or to support global service partnerships between communities in the global south and global north. Studies found that these partnerships strengthen human rights, transparency and capacities! Check out this video to learn why service partnerships are a great option to common volunteer trips.

The transcript and relevant research is available here. Please visit also the makers website if you are interested in ethical global service, volunteering, and learning.