Head First Documentary: The Orphanage Business in Cambodia

An exciting documentary about the problem of orphanage voluntourism

An Australian TV team went undercover with a hidden camera and took on the problem of the orphanage business industry and orphanage voluntourism.

The one hour long documentary explains superficialy how western money and western volunteers fed and drove the growth of orphanages for a decade. On top of that it outlines the problem of sex trafficking and child trafficking in orphanages.


sensationalist thirsty piece which was poorly researched

What gave us a a bit of a bad feeling were the extreme exaggerations and overstatements. Sabour Bradley and the former SISHA Director and ex-detective Steve Morrish sensationalized the topic. They turned Cambodia into a lawless and failed state which has just escaped from the Khmer Rouge and is full of pedophiles and rapists.
Well, Steve Morrish who was „fighting“ the crime against children in Cambodia was forced to resign after heavy allegations of financial irregularities and accusations of ‘behaviour like thugs’ in a Cambodian Bar. The Ngo does not operate anymore. We still believe it is worth watching it, but make sure you do use other references to form an opinion.