Daily Archives: 9. September 2016

The Voluntourist Documentary

A unique documentary outlining the challanges¬†of a normal volunteer “The Voluntourist” is a 30 min documentary questioning the impact of international volunteering on local communities. The¬†film does not aim to list all the possible negative impacts of poorly¬†arranged international volunteering programs, but instead raises certain overarching questions through a series of interviews.   From a past voluntourist for futur volunteers This movie is for everyone who is planning to volunteer […]


Head First Documentary: The Orphanage Business in Cambodia

An exciting documentary about the problem of orphanage¬†voluntourism An Australian TV team went undercover with a hidden camera and took on the problem of the orphanage business industry and orphanage voluntourism. The one hour long documentary¬†explains superficialy how western money and western volunteers fed and drove the growth of orphanages for a decade. On top of that it outlines the problem of sex trafficking and child trafficking in orphanages.   […]