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IVHQ Reviews: The voluntourism Industry & Its Connections To Review Websites

Voluntourism¬†and review websites highlights: ivhq reviews and abroadreview.com Voluntourism Review platforms such as¬†www.goabroad.com,¬†www.gooverseas.com,¬†TravellersQuest.com¬†as well as¬†www.abroadreviews.com¬†and voluntourism companies are closely connected as they benefit from each other. TravellersQuest is owned by an entapreneur, who also owns several volunteer travel companies. For years there have been rumors that International Volunteer HQ is connected to one review website,¬† www.abroadreview.com. Finally, we were able to carve out some strong indicators¬†such as same names and […]

Intercultural Education Campaigns

Here you can find videos that deliver in a fun way intercultural education and messages that matter. Intercultural education is important to understand the injustice which is connected development cooperation, tourism, fundraising campaigns and voluntourism. This playlist gives you a lot of loughs, thoughts and serious discussions about serious subjects that are linked to voluntourism and ‚Äúdoing good‚ÄĚ. The focus is on how doing good can cause harm and on […]