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Orphanage volunteering: Advice from Better Volunteering Better Care

Orphanage volunteering¬†is a very comman way to spend a voluntourism trip abroad. You have thought to volunteer in an orphanage as well? Well, then this website is for you. Better Volunteering Better Care is an outstanding and extremely informative initiative full of academical work with the goal to educate and advocate on voluntourism and it`s (mainly negative) impact on orphanages. A Global working group has been established to connect and […]

orphanage volunteering

volunteer overseas preparation

Learning Services

Responsible Volunteering is connected to a good preparation and reflection.¬†Learning Service is a great campaign which was established for people who want to learn before they help. The organization is helping to reform the way people think about voluntourism. They advocate through very active social media channels. We use their facebook and twitter page to stay updated about intercultural learning campaigns and Responsible Volunteering. They also developed a very informative […]

Dozens carefully selected articles on pearltrees

Articles about voluntourism… The founder of Responsible Volunteering – People and Places,¬†Sallie Grayson, posted¬†plenty of helpful articles¬†about voluntourism on her Pearltrees channel. Sallie¬†is not only the Co-Founder of the a¬†UK based volunteer travel company but also a passionate blogger. Pearltrees is an online based tool¬†which¬†allows users to organize, explore and share url`s, photos and documents. Unless you do not want to collect your own articles, you do not have to […]


Comhlamh: intercultural learning and profesional advice on voluntourism

Comhlamh is an Irish organization with a great website. They¬†developed an excellent coming home guide and plenty of other useful information such as social media guidebook for volunteers to tackle the problem that volunteers publish too often inappropriate photos or experience reports on the world wide web, which rather stigmatize the people they volunteer for.   Comhl√°mh is a great organization and platform to learn more about about volunteering and […]

Responsible volunteering advice from former placement advisor

Great responsible volunteering advice for everyone who is planning to volunteer The website www.responsiblevolunteering.co.uk was initiated by Natasha Stein. She worked six years as a volunteer placement advisor for Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). Thereupon she¬†developed a comprehensive and well organized website which is¬†full of Responsible Volunteering advice. Particularly interesting is, that all her advice is based on her own experience and research. Equally usefull is, that Natasha Stein¬†covers everything on […]