Playlist: Orphanages in the global south

After this playlist you might not want to volunteer in an orphanage again. In this playlist you find documentaries and videos about the orphan industry in Cambodia and Nepal from 2008 to 2015. The videos connect the increasing number of orphanages in Cambodia and Nepal to the adoption industry, voluntourism industry, helping tourists and the huge and lucrative NGO sector.

Children have been sent to orphanages with the promise of food, shelter and an education. Still, many undercover scenes and interviews proof that the vulnerability is often not taken away through institutional care. You will find in this playlist scene about the arrest of pedophiles, interviews with children who were raised in orphanages, interviews with NGO employees, orphanage directors, mothers and government officials.  

We find that the link between orphanages and child trafficking is especially well explained in the video 101 East – Nepal: Children for sale and Ultimate Betrayal – Cambodia’s orphanage scandal as well as Why Not A Family? and 101 East – Nepal: Children for sale