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VoFair – quality standarts in international volunteering

VoFair: Volunteer Fairly is a south american based NGO trying to bring quality standards to volunteer projects using a individual designed certification system. The organization stands for values and quality standards within the voluntourism industry and has a very informative website. VoFair also runs a facebook page they use to inform about volunteering, voluntourism, general topics, development cooperation and their own organization. Their Facebook page is on occasion a litle quite, where as the twitter page used to be active but has been silent since June.    


Efficient development cooperation & voluntourism: How to connect the dots

Most volunteers who take their time to go abroad and work in a local volunteering project are probably driven by curiosity, adventure or maybe just a little boredom. But there is one central motivation almost everyone claims to have: The idea to make a real difference. Or to quote Gandhi: to be the change that you wish to see in the world. Most former volunteers will notice: That is not an easy thing to do. When leaving the project, usually the very same beneficiaries will attend the project as on the first day of arrival. This challenge is not only limited to development project working with volunteers, it is an […]