Tourism Concern – promoting fair trade tourism

Tourism Concern: Tourism Concern works for ethical and fair trade tourism which benefits both, travellers and the people and places they visit. They expose tourism’s worst human rights abuses and campaign against them. In addition they promote tourism that benefits local people in tourist destinations. They have a great website with plenty of articles about voluntourism listed. Well, if you like it you can sign up for a membership which […]


Group of Volunteers VSO

Advice from a former VSO placement advisor 2

Responsible volunteering: The website was initiated by Natasha Stein, who worked for six years as a volunteer placement advisor for VSO. She has developed a comprehensive and well organized website full of personal advice, based on her own experience and research. She covers everything: finding a placement, preparation, how to volunteer and returning home. It is a must read for volunteers to be.



VoFair – quality standarts in international volunteering

VoFair: Volunteer Fairly is a south american based organization bringing quality standards to volunteer projects using an individual designed certification system. The organization stands for values and quality standards within the voluntourism industry. They have a very informative website on which they educate about voluntourism. VoFair also runs a Facebook page they use to inform about volunteering, voluntourism, general topics, development cooperation and their own organization. Visit their Facebook page for regular […]