Check your choice

If you have selected one organisation you would like to join, make this test to find out if it is responsible.

Do you have to apply for the placement?

If you can just book, it is a good indication that the company does not care much about fitting volunteers to the placements. Read more about it here: here

Is there an individual work description and requirements for each placement?

Is there an individual work description and requirements for each placement?

Each setting is different. This must be reflected by the organisation!

Will the local partner have a saying in the selection of the volunteer?

In the end, the local organisations will be responsible for the volunteer and his/her work. That is why they should be consulted before recieving a volunteer.


About Daniel Großbröhmer

Daniel is currently working as adviser for several local and international NGO in Myanmar. He covers topics like impact orientation, monitoring and evaluation and organizational development. Before moving to Myanmar he has been working for seven years at one of Europe's biggest private funded NGOs and was in charge for the impact measurement and development of volunteer services. He is consulting governmental agencies and NGOs in how to improve the quality and administration of volunteer services. Daniel spend one years as a volunteer in Brasil and has working experience in Cameroon and Angola. He studied French, Portuguese and Economics in Germany and France and completed his MBA in Berlin and Cambridge in 2015.

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